On-Premise Washer-Extractors

Continental Girbau
E-Series Washer-Extractors
20- to 255-pound capacity

E-Series Washers generate extract speeds of up to 400 G-force, removing more water from every load. Delivering more performance and programmability to meet the needs of any on-premise laundry, they are engineered to cut utility costs and improve productivity. They offer a soft-mount design for simple installation and are backed by a limited 5/3-year ContinentalCare warranty.

Continental Girbau
G-Flex Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors
33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities

Not only are G-Flex Washers highly programmable to properly clean a variety of fabrics, they are simple to operate. Additionally, as Continental’s most advanced hard-mount washer, G-Flex can be programmed to generate extract speeds up to 200 G-force for maximum productivity and energy savings. But because G-force is adjustable, it can also be lowered for machine installation over lesser foundations – offering unrivaled flexibility! Backed by a limited 5/3-year ContinentalCare warranty.

Continental Girbau
L-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors
75- and 125-pound capacities

Energy-efficient and built to withstand the rigors of constant use, L-Series Washers feature highly programmable controls for washing a variety of fabrics. Backed by a limited 5/3-year ContinentalCare warranty.

Continental Girbau
Econ-O-Wash Top-Load Washers

Econ-O-Wash Washers offer an efficient small-load solution for on-premise laundries looking to conserve water and energy. Backed by a limited 5/3-year ContinentalCare Warranty

Platinum Front-Load Washer

Quiet operation, efficiency and commercial-grade construction make LG Platinum Washers a smart on-premise laundry solution. LG Platinum Washers boast a NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub, a large 3.63 cu.ft. wash drum, superior mechanical action and greater centrifugal force. A frequent choice for vet clinics, salons, spas, restaurants and B&Bs, LG Platinum Washers deliver a high-quality clean and fewer wrinkles. Energy Star qualified, they use just 11.2 gallons of water per load and offer a programmable control.

H-Series Soft-Mount Washers
18- to 265-pound capacity

Generating up to 450 G-force, Electrolux Soft-Mount Washers feature a freestanding design that doesn’t require bolting to a concrete foundation. The washer offers a library of 55 programs and five liquid detergent signals for optional automatic chemical dosing. Efficient and durable H-Series Washers remove more moisture during extract for greater throughput and lower dry times.

S-Series Hard-Mount Washers
18- to 77-pound capacities

Reaching 200 G-force extract speeds, these rigid-mount machines offer efficiency, longevity and the Compass Pro control, which delivers 55 set program and up to 15 customized programs.

X-Series Hard-Mount Washers
65- and 130-pound capacities

Generating 220-300 G-force extract speeds, these rigid-mount washers bring control flexibility, efficiency and greater throughput for on-premise laundries. The standard Compass Pro control allows for the creation of custom wash programs on your computer and the ability to transfer them to other washers.

Side-Load Barrier Washers
40- to 77-pound capacities

Electrolux Side-Load Barrier Washers produce 350 G-force extract speeds for improved productivity. A simple-to-use Compass Pro control allows operators to easily select and navigate the appropriate programs.

N-Series Hard-Mount Washers
20- to 77-pound capacities

N-Series Washers deliver efficiency, control flexibility and ease-of-use. They utilize 100 G-force extract speeds and offer heavy-duty construction and low water usage.

W-Series 100G Hard-Mount Washers
20- to 77-pound capacities

Available in single phase 120- and 220-volt options, W-Series Washers offer riveted unibody steel construction. Featuring the Compass Pro control, they deliver flexible programming and easy customization. Wascomat W-Series Washers reach extract speeds of 100 G-force and offer durability and efficiency.

SU-Series 200G Hard-Mount Washers
20- to 77-pound capacities

SU-Series Washers bring Smart Dosing and Automatic Savings (AS) to on-premise laundries. AS determines the weight of a load and adds precisely the right amount of water to reduce water consumption costs. Smart Dosing adjusts the ration of chemicals to water for a high-quality result. Reliable, efficient and programmable, they generate 200 G-force extract and feature the Compass Pro control.

EXSM Series 220-300G Hard-Mount Washers
65-, 80- and 135-pound capacities

Generate higher extract speeds for lower dry times and boosted throughput with EXSM Series Washers. The Compass Pro microprocessor allows offers 50 pre-set programs and 15 customizable programs. The washers offer optional steam injection and a built-in connection for automatic chemical injection.

EX Series 400-450G Soft-Mount Washers
18- to 75-pound capacities

EX Series Washers offering two control options — Clarus or Compass Pro. Clarus brings four chemical signals and stores up to 192 custom programs. Freestanding, the soft-mount washers don’t require bolt-down to a concrete foundation. They reach extract speeds up to 450 G-force for more moisture removal, shorter dry times and improved throughput.